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Hi! This is BOHO house, here are some ground rules before you start your experience with us:


Reservations general information:

- We have a 15 minutes grace period. Please text us if you are running later
than 15 minutes after your reservation time.


- We may contact you about this reservation, so please ensure your phone
number is up to date.


- We are an eco-friendly outdoor place, please be aware of the exposure to
climate, non-harmful animals and insects..



• Sunday – Thursday with reservation BOHO House guarantees 2 hours
experience (no minimum consumption needed). If you want to keep the table
for more time the minimum consumption will apply.


• Friday and Saturday with reservation before 8:00 PM BOHO House
guarantees 2 hours experience (no minimum consumption). The minimum
consumption applies after 7:00 PM on Friday and Saturday for everyone.


• Friday and Saturday or for special events, to confirm your reservation BOHO
House request a deposit due 24 hours prior your reservation time. If the
deposit is not sent your reservation will be cancelled. The deposit is not
refundable and it is part of your minimum consumption.


(Enforcing the dining time limit of tables will allow us to properly sanitize between reservations, as
well as honor the next reservation made to those tables.)

Please note our dress code and table policy:

- No shorts for men, nor flip-flops after 8:00 PM.
- Only table service at BoHo House.
- No under 24 allowed inside after 9:00 PM.
- Latest reservation at 11:45 PM.
- Bottle service only after 11:00 PM for parties of 4 or more people.
- Location of the table is not guarantee.
- After the 15 minutes grace period, guests be aware that they might lose their
- Please be aware we can only open one tab per table which can be split
maximum in three different cards.


Thank you for join our tribe!


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